• How to buy used mobile phones
    • Find out the price of a brand new phone of same brand and model.A used cell phone’s price shouldn’t cost you more than the standard price.
    • Check whether the phone is locked(i.e locked to a cell phone service provider).Phones locked to a cell phone service provider do not permit the use of SIM cards from another service providers.You can easily verify that the phone is not locked to another service provider by inserting your SIM and then making  a call to a friend.
    • Know your phone dealer:do not buy used mobile phones from just anyone. Try to buy from a used cell phone dealer with a good reputation.
    • Find out extra information on the mobile phone's condition: how old it is and whether there are known problems. Ask questions and inspect the cell phone carefully before purchasing.Look for any noticeable damage.At least test the basic functions such as switching on and off, making a call, sending an SMS, taking photo with the Camera, listening to Radio, sending some file through Bluetooth, listening to some MP3s, changing flash memory, using the headset, browsing internet etc. note the battery level at the beginning and recheck after sometime of heavy use (I'll suggest you keep playing Music or Radio for the half an hour) if you notice a drastic decrease in the battery level, that may be a sign of a weak battery.
    • Buy a used mobile phone with warranty.Try to buy a used mobile phone with an extended warranty. Avoid buying a used mobile phone that does not allow returns, even if you find that the cell phone was damaged prior to purchase.
    Used phones

    trade your used phones with someone else
    buy,sell or donate your phone to charity

  • Where to find cheap cell phones

    • Placing bids for phones on auction sites like and  .Before you place a bid on these sites,make sure you have followed the preparatory steps outlined in previous  posts. Use the search fields of the bidding sites to find the phone. Read the cell phone's description carefully.Check the feedback from those who have bought goods from the seller.Also find out if there is VAT to be paid ,extra shipping and handling charges.Add all these charges to your maximum amount.The result is the maximum you can pay for the phone on that site.If this amount lies within your budget,you can now start bidding for a lower price.
    • Cell phone service providers: One can get a really good cell phone for free if you sign a two year contract to use their service.These service providers subsidize the cost of the cell phone.Examples of cell phone providers are 
    • Chinese Phones: Offer much more features than those offered by other phones manufactured by mobile giants. This means that for the same amount of money you could get a phone that has more features and is more stylish than other phones. This can be illustrated by the fact that for a hundred dollars you could get a Chinese wholesale cell phones having a high definition camera, a flash disk, a music player, a touch screen, Bluetooth,WiFi support, GPS whereas for the same amount of money you only get a base level model from Nokia. These Chinese companies make their profit because the demand for these phones is on the rise. Most of these phones can accept two SIM cards,making it possible to use two cell phone provider services.Some even support T.V reception.                                                                              
    • Refurbished Phones:A refurbished phone is a cell phone that has previously been used but has been returned to the manufacturer's factory  to be rebuilt usually to new specifications.Many cell phone manufacturers give out warranty on refurbished cell phones.These cell phone are cheaper because they are not built from scratch.Only the defective parts are changed with new ones.AT &T offer refurbished phones

    • What to consider when buying cheap cell phones

      To make a good buy, you need to ask yourself what you’ll be using the phone for.
          Do you just want to talk to friends and family a few hours a week?
          Are you going to regularly check your emails with it?
          Are you going to use it as a hot line for your business?
          Do you send a lot of text messages?
          Do you intend to play 3D games on it?
      Answers to these questions impact the choice of phone. A phone to be used for sending lots of text would have QWERT-style keypads. To send or check emails it’ll have WAP/GPRS/3G for surfing the web. To play 3D games, it would have color screen with enough memory and processing ability to handle graphics.Battery life is also an important factor while making your choice.

    • Cheap Mobile Phones Considering the number of phone manufacturers,and the numerous models produced by each one, it can be a challenge to select a phone to meet your needs.
      This blog is going to compare phone features and also show you where to get the cheapest mobile phones.